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Blackjack boosts luxury sales training expertise in Ireland

Blackjack-and-Penny-Blake-Associates Blackjack Promotions, the travel retail staffing specialist operating at Dublin Airport and department stores across the city, has partnered once again with Penny Blake Associates (PBA). According to Blackjack, PBA are experts in training luxury brand retail personnel to boost its client services offering in Ireland. PBA Founder Penny Blake is heading up a series of training sessions for Blackjack’s specialist luxury retail staff in Dublin. The teams will learn the latest tactics and best practices in engaging with high-value customers, as well as coaching and leadership modules. Under the training programme titled ‘Succeeding in the Luxury Arena,’ Blackjack team managers will cover a range of topics that fall under five key pillars. These are The Luxury Arena, Emotional Intelligence, Moments of Truth, Creating a Wow Experience and Luxury Sales Model. Fiona Tindall, Head of Domestic Retail at Blackjack UK & Ireland said: “We have a long-standing relationship with Penny Blake and have already benefited from her training techniques in the UK. It made sense to collaborate again as we continue to ramp up our offering in Ireland. “Luxury brands rightly demand best-in-class brand ambassadors.

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